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                  Live Dubia Roaches (Blaptica Dubia)
                  Live Dubia Roach Feeders

                  Live Dubia roaches provide an excellent feeder for your pet. Whether your fattening up, keeping a balanced diet, or providing a variety of feeders for your pet, Dubia roaches are hands down the premium feeder insect. Dubia roaches are quickly becoming one of the most popular feeder insects in the United States replacing crickets. Dubia Roaches have 7 times the nutritional benefits of any other feeder insect and carry no parasites like crickets.  We ship live Dubia roaches as live pet feeders and breeders nationwide (where permitted) . Dubia roaches are enjoyed by most species of dragons, geckos, amphibians, arachnids, and chickens.

                  Purchasing Information

                  Buy Small Dubia Roaches
                  1/4 inch and smaller Dubia Roach Feeders

                  Buy Medium Dubia Roaches
                  1/4 inch to 3/4 Dubia Roach Feeders

                  Buy Large Dubia Roaches
                  3/4 Inch and larger Dubia Roach Feeders

                  Buy Mixed Size Dubia Roaches
                  Mix of all Size Dubia Roach Feeders

                  Buy Dubia Roach Breeding Pairs
                  Hand Sexed Adult Pairs of Dubia Roach Breeders

                  Buy Mixed Sex Dubia Roaches
                  Mixed Sex Dubia Roach Breeders

                  Feeders- All Dubia roaches being sold as feeders, we make no claim of the sex of the Dubia, they are being sold as feeders and not breeders.

                  Breeders- When purchasing breeders, we hand count and sex the Dubia to ensure you get the perfect amount of breeders. When purchasing Dubia roach breeders, you are guananteed the sex of the Dubia roach

                  Storing your feeders
                  Your Dubia feeders will come shipped in a escape proof plastic cup. You can feed, water and gut-load your Dubia Roach feeders all within the cup. Larger quantities will require a slightly larger bin. You can pick these up from Wal-Mart for just a few dollars. Place your Dubia Roach feeders in the bin, poke some air holes and your all set. Dubia can live in plastic bins indefinitely and not escape. Dubia Roaches do not climb smooth plastic. Keep your Dubia Roaches in a dark place such as under your bathroom or kitchen sink. Whenever possible provide water gels instead of water to your Dubia Roach feeders. To learn more about water gels CLICK HERE
                  Caring for Dubia Roaches





                  WHAT ARE DUBIA ROACHES
                  Blaptica Dubia Roaches are usually smaller than most common species of roaches. This makes Dubia Roaches an all around preferred feeder roach species. Dubia Roaches are slower moving but not nearly as shy . Of all roach species, Dubia Roaches have the softest shells making them an excellent food item for arachnids small lizards and other reptiles. Dubia Roach are not good climbers limiting their ability climb glass or smooth plastic surfaces,making them the ideal species of roach to breed and keep for reptile feeding. The adult males have full wings while the adult females have small wing stubs making Dubia roaches extremely easy to distinguish the Dubia Roach sex.. Once the Dubia Roach colony has established, it is recommended to use the extra males as feeders, leaving a ratio of one male to every three females. As the colony matures, the excess males just take up food and space and create more competition for resources with the females. The males do seem to be more short lived than the females.


                  HOUSING DUBIA ROACHES
                  Glass aquariums, or any other cheap plastic tub,bin or garbage can. Dubia Roaches are unable climb smooth plastic surfaces so choosing enclosure is simple. Place our cardboard egg crates in the bin or tank for hiding places. Stacking vertically so any waste from the Dubia roaches settle to the bottom of the enclosure. We do not recommend using substrate or any type of bedding in the bottom of your container. This will only create more work for you in the end. Filling the bottom will any material will make cleaning difficult, and almost impossible locate the baby Dubia roaches during cleaning. Recommended cleaning time for your colony using our method is once per month. Choose the largest superworms possible and place a single worm into an empty 35mm film container. I’ve found film containers work best as they require very little space. Due to the digital era they are becoming harder to find but I’ve always had good luck at the Wal-Mart and Costco photo centers. If you can’t get them you can always use plastic bead boxes for crafts, baby food jars etc.


                  DUBIA ROACH NUTRITION
                  Provide a high protein food such as Dubia Direct Roach Chow. Specially formulated to kick your Dubia roach colony into high gear. Providing a source of protein and other essential nutrients is very important step in raising your colony. Provide a good source of food and your reptiles will reap the benefits, as the nutrients are passed from insect to reptile during digestion. This will almost eliminate the need for expensive food additives and supplements commonly associated with reptile feeding. Water should be supplied by Dubia Direct water crystals as there will be mold, mildew. Providing a spill proof, clean water source is as important as a good food source. Using water crystals protects not only from against immature roaches accidentally drowning, and also raises the humidity. Blaptica dubia are tolerant of a low moisture, however low moisture will result in substandard breeding more so than most other species as evidenced by a lack of dying. However, these roaches prefer more moisture than many other species and consequently breed better with higher humidity. Providing water crystals is clean, safe alternative to regular methods of water.

                  Keep your feeder roaches at a minimum temperature of 68 degrees. Dubia Roaches are Tropical Roaches and need to be kept warm. If you want them to breed, keep them warm. Day temperatures between 85 to 95 degrees are preferable. Humidity levels should be mid range. Unless you live in a very dry area of the country, there will be enough humidity at 90 degrees.

                  STORING DUBIA ROACHES
                  Storing your colony or feeder supply of Dubia roaches requires you to remove any dead and any excess food daily. You will need to remove their waste and discard weekly to ensure your colony remains healthy and efficient. There are certain methods you can use to do all the hard work for you. All all natural way to clean your bins and remove your dead. Dubia Roach cleaner crews is a healthy organic way to manage cleaning. Once you add a cup of our exclusive Dubia roach cleaner crew, you can leave your Dubia roaches to breed and grow until your ready to feed them off without worrying about nasty parasites or bacteria. No poop scooping. CLeaner crews are the newest addition to our line of live insects and Dubia roach breeding supplies. You can get your own Dubia Cleaner Crews now.

                  BREEDING DUBIA ROACHES
                  Blaptica dubia Roaches are easy and reliable breeders. If your adult Dubia Roaches are not producing young, then you are keeping the temperature too low. If roaches die during incomplete molts, then the humidity is too low. .It is best to allow your roach colony to become fully established before feeding heavily out of it. Once colonies are well established, you will have roaches of all different sizes to offer lizards and arachnids the exact size they need.


                  Nutritional Value for Dubia Roaches
                  Dubia Roaches pack a nutritional punch when fed to your reptiles.
                  Live Dubia Roach Nutritional Values
                  Moisture Fat Protien Fiber Ash Calcium PPM Calcium % Potassium
                  61.73 22.19 15.50 7.69 1.02 283 .09 2320
                  Dubia Roach Shipping
                  Every order of our live Dubia roaches comes packaged in sealed vented boxes. Smaller Dubia will ship in escape proof plastic cups with vent holes. We take great care in packaging each order and make sure everything is secured to prevent any damage to the feeders. All our shipments comes with a live arrival guarantee. We discreetly mark each box as "Live Insects  Handle with Care Perishable". Our primary shipping method is USPS priority mail. We at no cost, provide heat and cooling packs in every order when needed. We provide every shipment with a fresh water and food source for the trip. Your Dubia feeders will arrive in perfect shape for feeding your pets. We ship daily Monday-Thursday mornings. All purchases after Thursday mornings go out the following monday.
                  Dubia Roach Videos
                  A quick Video of a breeding package.

                  Packing and shipping Live Dubia Roaches

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